I like cheese

Pizza pizza pizza


You never see

You never see liberals bitching about the Electoral College when it puts a Democrat in the White House.

You also don’t see violent riots on the streets when Democrats get elected.

These are just some one of those things you never see.

The best thing

The best thing about federal elections is all the intelligent statements everybody makes whenever there is one.

Does anybody like pizza?

I like pizza. It tastes good. I like my pizza with pepperoni. I also like it with mushrooms. I like olives, but not on pizza. They look stuuuuuupid.

I have a car. It goes “vroooom!” But it doesn’t go anywhere. It stays in my garage because it’s very tired. My garage has a TV in it. Do you like TV?

Pizza is good. I like pizza.

Thanks for liking my blog post

I would like to say thank you to all the strangers for recently liking my blog post and following me in hopes that I like and follow your blog back.

I won’t.

Blog posty post

I like zebras. They are great. I also like gazelles. Elephants rock. Hyenas aren’t so great. Neither are lions. They’ll eat you. That’s bad.

Blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah

This Is My Political Post

I love politics.

It is so much fun.

I voted for a presidential candidate.

I voted for other candidates.

I also voted for other things.

I like politics.

This is another blog post

This is a blog post. This is where I say things.

I have statements to make and you should listen.


This Is a New Post

I has a new post.

Do you like?